EMU Explores Thredbo


10 Aug EMU Explores Thredbo

EMU Australia invited 7 incredible bloggers on an adventure to Thredbo. The aim: A long weekend away filled with laughter, snow, memories and new friendships to last a lifetime. Our blogger team consisted of Caitlyn Paterson, Elyse Knowles, Keira Rumble, Lisa Clark, Rachel Anderson, Rachel Aust and Rochelle Fox.

The trip kicked off at Jeep Australia where we picked up our cars – we sported bright red and orange Jeep Renegades – the perfect car for a road trip.

We had a 6-hour journey until we would reach our destination at the Thredbo Alpine Hotel. Once we checked in, the bloggers were given their EMU Australia boots and slippers made from premium Australian sheepskin. We then headed straight to Snowsport – the leading ski, mountain and lifestyle essentials store where the bloggers were gifted an entire ski outfit.

The next two days were spent on the mountain and at the best restaurants such as Kareela Hutté , Black Bear Inn and The Denman. Some bloggers had never seen snow before which made the trip even more exciting.

Stay tuned for our EMU Explores Thredbo Vlog.

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