Our favourite bloggers this month live in a world full of colour, beautiful dresses, beauty products, travel adventures, and a gorgeous Cocker Spaniel. Get to know the girls and discover where they get their inspiration, how they got started and what they cannot survive without.

1. Angela Giakas@thesundaychapter


STYLE: Changes between feminine & dressy and comfortable & edgy. Although in summer Angela loves to take advantage of all the dresses!

INFLUENCE: By her mood and surroundings – friends, cities, music, weather etc.

PART TIME/FULL TIME: Full time blogger. Angela felt lost & uninspired after high school, so she decided to create a place where she could document and share everything she loved. It started as a personal endeavour but after developing a following, she started to look at it from a business perspective.

CANNOT SURVIVE WITHOUT: Lightroom – playing around and creating your own presets can completely transform your photos.

2. Olivia O’Connor@donttellsummmer
Olivia O’Connor

STYLE: Laid back – loves feeling confident, feminine and comfortable in her own skin

INFLUENCE: Surf culture & women who own being themselves

PART TIME/FULL TIME: Full time working with different brands and festival #RadLivin. Don’t Tell Summer started as a way to share Olivia’s experiences living between Sydney & California and feature other people who were doing what they love now, rather than waiting for the future, in hopes to inspire others to get out there and live their dreams too.

CANNOT SURVIVE WITHOUT: Lightroom – each photo can be edited with your brand and style.

3. Jasmin Ilic@jasminilic

Jasmin Ilic

STYLE: Classic and refined

INFLUENCE: It’s constantly evolving but is rarely swayed by new trends and statements. Think timeless pieces that can be worn again and again.

PART TIME/FULL TIME: Part time. During the day, Jasmin runs her digital communication business, Social Stir. She attributes her blogger success to her authenticity and genuine love for what she does. She comments, “If you fearlessly pursue the things that bring you joy you will always find a way to make them work.”

CANNOT SURVIVE WITHOUT: UN UM – it uploads all your content, which you can drag around until you find its perfect position in your upcoming feed.

4. Izzy Smith  – @izzysmithh

Izzy Smith

STYLE: Affordable & wearable

INFLUENCE: Imagery & style from her favourite online stores and creative friends. It all gets bundles up and becomes an interpretation of her own style.

PART TIME/FULL TIME: Izzy has just started full-time blogging. She found herself with a genuine audience interested in her outfits and style. She slowly began tagging the brands and they started catching on! Her profile naturally snowballed into what it is today and she is so grateful for it.

CANNOT SURVIVE WITHOUT: Lightroom – it makes the images look more professional and apply own presets to all photos to get a consistent look across the whole feed.


5. Eloise Jaksic@eloisejaksic

Eloise Jaksic

STYLE: A refined, organised colour bomb – life is one big dress up party

INFLUENCE: The colours of the rainbow whether it be a head-to-toe look or all the colours at once. Her style often changes based on where she is, the culture and the general people in the city.

PART TIME/FULL TIME: Part-time gig – weekend hobby. Eloise works in fashion full time so her Instagram is a reflection of how she dresses in her day-to-day life.

CANNOT SURVIVE WITHOUT: Snapseed – if your posts ever need an extra colour pop.