Fendi & That Runway on the Trevi


22 Jul Fendi & That Runway on the Trevi

Just when you thought that fashion shows were all the same, Fendi just blew your opinion right out of the water – quite literally.

Since the beginning of their fashion inception, Fendi have always put on spectacular runway shows, however for their 90th Anniversary they had to do something extra-spectacular.

Using one of the most famous landmarks in Rome as the backdrop, Fendi models flaunted the couture collection on top of the water of the Trevi Fountain.

A clear glass runway hovered above the pools to give the illusion of the models walking on water, making this fashion show one of its’ kind. This spectacular runway was opened by none other than Kendal Jenner and was followed by a long list of other top models such as Ruth Bell, Mica Arganaraz, Yasmin Wijnaldum, and Bella Hadid.

We’ve put together our five favourite moments from the Fendi 90th Anniversary Show:

f2Image Credit: GETTY

When Bella Hadid graced the runway in a full-length fur coat.

f3Image Credit: GETTY

The finale to top all finales.

Guests were transported from the couture shows in Paris to the show in Rome on Fendi chartered planes – all first class of course!


Image Credit: GETTY

Kendall Jenner opening the show in a blue grey astrakhan coat with full swing skirt and red boots.

f5Image Credit: GETTY

The moment when Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini came onto the stage and threw three coins into the Trevi Fountain at the end of the show.

By Ekala (HUSH Intern) Feature Image Credit: @v.communication