“HOT” Things We Are Loving This Season


30 Jun “HOT” Things We Are Loving This Season

“HOT” Things We Are Loving This Season

The winter coats and bed socks are out which can only mean one thing- the chilly season has officially arrived! Here are a few of our favourite things to keep cosy and comforted over the next few months.

 Hot Yoga:

With the sudden change in temperature we are noticing energy levels shifting, not to mention our immune systems needing even more support. It’s also that time of year we start to crave more “naughty” treats.  So instead of putting a gloomy ban on carbs this winter, we will be attempting to tip the guilt scale back to an even keel in the form of exercise. However, an outdoor jog or bootcamp class just doesn’t seem as appealing on a dark, frosty morning.

The Answer?

hot stonesHot yoga!
Not only does the heated room help you to feel cosy and comforted in the midst of winter but the heat also helps your body to detox, relax and improves breathing and elevates the heart rate- making the body work harder!

Hot stone massage:

The perfect compliment to a wintertime yoga plan would be hot stone massage – the combination offers the best blend of stress relief, flexibility and increased circulation. Hot Stone massage is a therapeutic technique that uses warm stones to increase relaxation and blood flow melting away muscular tension and providing a deep sense of calm- the ultimate indulgence.

Hot chocolate:

Who doesn’t love a big cup of steaming hot chocolate on a cold winter’s day! Make a healthy DIY version by simply adding almond milk, date syrup, raw cacao and almond butter to a saucepan and heating gently…delicious, warming and nutritious!