How to declutter your life – regularly


18 Mar How to declutter your life – regularly

A cluttered life equals a cluttered mind so if you are feeling overwhelmed chances are your house or work space is in a bit of a mess.

Confucius says clutter becomes the sticks and mortar that dam your life and stop opportunities flowing your way. In a work enviroment it acts as a serious brain drain creating negative energy

So here’s how to clear your life for a fresh new start:

Be organised with your task. Have large green garbage bags for rubbish, large black rubbish bags for the charity shop or bins and boxes for keepsakes that collect dust but that you can’t bare to part with just yet.

Start from the top with your bedroom . It’s vital that you fall asleep and wake up in a tidy uncluttered space. Ensure you regularly replace your pillows so they are dust mite free and remove all excess from shelves and chests of drawers or bedside tables so that it is easy to dust and keep everything clean and fresh. Don’t shove things under the bed – get rid of them to charity or the garbage.

In your wardrobe be ruthless. Anything that you have not worn in the past two years turf out (unless of course it is a Chanel or Burberry jacket that you forgot you owned). These items will  be nothing more than a dust collectors or space robbers. Limit yourself to no more than six of any smaller items such as stockings, socks, gym outfits – how many do you need for goodness sake!!! If you have a shoe or handbag fettish be sure to rearrange them in seasons and colours so they look less cluttered or messy. Special handbags are best hung in an open wardrobe on hangers so the leather can breathe and not become creased.

Remind yourself that even if that A line dress comes back into fashion it will still look like an old A line line dress from the back of your wardrobe. Never leave things lying or stacked on the floor.

Oprah Winfrey gave fame to the trick of placing your seasonal clothes all together and turning your hangers in the reverse direction. As you replace something you have worn turn the hanger the right way. After six months   you will see what you never wear making the culling process much easier.

 Your kitchen fridge needs a weekly check and  cupboards really need to be resorted and culled every four to six weeks. A great way to cull and create heaps of space is to put everything on the kitcben bench  that you use weekly and then seriously look at culling at least half of the rest – especially things such as mismatched plastic containers, missmatched cuylery and crockery. You will be so excited at the amount of space this will create and you’ll be doing someone in need a big favour when you do your charity drop.

Offices just seem to suck up paper and rubbish so be ruthless and ensure you have a perfectly clean desk, well ordered files and good lighting. Refile everything so that it  is up to date and filed in order of priority