How to get a but like Kim Kardashian or J-Low


10 Mar How to get a but like Kim Kardashian or J-Low


With the rounded butt now desired by so many thanks to the likes of Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez the best results can also be achieved by reinjecting the patient’s own fat after liposuction, which carries the added bonus of removing unwanted fat from elsewhere. An alternative is the use of solid medical grade buttock implants from reputable manufacturers.

As a surgeon I was horrified by the recent story from Philadelphia about transgender hip hop artist Padge Victoria Windslowe who has just been charged with murdering 20 year old student Claudia Aderotini. Windslowe administered a lethal injection of industrial grade silicone into Aderotini’s buttocks back in 2011.

Both celebrities in their own right, Windslowe had built up a business doing hotel room buttock augmentations using silicone as an injectable filler, sometimes referred to as “pumping parties”. Aderotini died from a pulmonary embolism, caused by the injected silicone leaking into a vein, travelling to her heart and lungs, then causing cardio pulmonary arrest.  Although she was transferred to hospital, she was unable to be revived.

This case echoes the 2009 death of Solange Maganao, a former Miss Argentina beauty queen, who died from the same procedure that she had hoped would make her buttocks look firmer.

Injectable silicone was first used post WWII by Japanese prostitutes for breast augmentation. There are innumerable cases of patients who escape death after such injections but are left with terrible deformities as it is almost impossible to remove once it has been injected and can cause aggressive inflammatory reactions in the body.

Injecting silicone, be it industrial or medical grade, is something that is fraught with danger and should never be performed. On the other hand, solid silicone medical grade implants from reputable manufacturers are very safe in this day and age. Therefore, some take home messages:

  • Research your surgeon
  • Research the cosmetic procedure
  • Performed by the wrong hands, any surgery can result in complications and even death.