How to improve your slumber!

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30 Nov How to improve your slumber!

A disruptive sleep can affect your whole day. Your productivity at work may be hindered and it can cause severe mood swings. However, the cure for poor sleeping patterns can be found in your daily routine.


Follow these five simple steps to optimize your sleep!


  1. Cut down on caffeine

Caffeine can have an impact on your system for up to 6 hours after drinking it. Consider only having one coffee a day before lunch.


  1. Develop night time rituals

Have a ritual in place that you follow every night before bed. Indulge in relaxing activities such as reading a book or taking a bath. Keep work tasks to a minimum and try to leave electronics outside your room.


  1. Healthy eating

Eat dinner earlier in the evening and avoid carb heavy foods within two hours of bedtime. Foods high in fat and sugar take longer to digest which will keep your body awake. If you are hungry close to bedtime, the following foods are appropriate bedtime snacks

–       Granola

–       Low sugar cereal

–       Bananas


  1. Make your bedroom ‘sleep friendly’

Having a comfortable bed is key in achieving a perfect nights sleep. If you often wake up sore or with a stiff neck, it’s probably time for a change of mattress!  Visit a few mattress shops and experiment with size and firmness.  Try to block out natural light with heavy curtains.


  1. Relaxation techniques

Practicing relaxation techniques is a great way to calm the body and mind prior to sleep. Deep breathing, gentle stretches and visualizing a peaceful place are all helpful exercises.