How to Prep Yourself Before a Tan

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16 Mar How to Prep Yourself Before a Tan

-Exfoliate: Exfoliate in the shower. This will make your tan last much longer. Avoid oil-based scrubs. Try TanOrganic Tan-Erase to remove any dead skin or an old tan, leaving your skin smooth.

– Scrub the rough areas of your skin – elbow, knees, ankles, wrists etc. This will stop the tan from catching and building up on these parts.

– If tanning your face, moisturise your hairline.

– Wax/shave at least 24 hours before to allow your pores to close.

– Apply a rich moisturiser like CR Formulations – A Hint of Tint, the day before your tan. This moisturiser is lightly tinted and will hydrate your skin while balancing the colour. For best results, moisturise overnight.

– Right before your tan ensure makeup, deodorant, perfume, oils, moisturiser etc are all thoroughly wiped off.

– Apply nail polish to your finger nails and toe nails to protect from any discolouration.

– Moisture the soles of your feet and use sticky pads or a towel to avoid orange colour on your feet. Scrub your feet well after the tan.