How to really keep your New Years Resolutions


07 Jan How to really keep your New Years Resolutions

The celebrations are over and it’s time for you to commit to your New Year Resolution again. So why does it seem to be so difficult each time around? Here are tips to help you keep your resolutions in 2015:


  1. Don’t create unrealistic goals that are out of reach. Be honest with yourself and think if you can really make it happen.
  2. If you have had the same resolution for multiple years and you haven’t accomplished it, then wipe it off your list.
  3. Don’t make too many resolutions. You are only one person. You will feel much better accomplishing 1 or 2 resolutions instead of making many that you can’t complete.
  4. Write your resolutions down and have them posted on your bedroom mirror or beside your work desk.
  5. Approach your resolutions with a positive attitude and make it happen this year! You are more capable than you think.