hush follows october


As we are well into Spring, (although the weather disagrees) this month we are loving
all things travel, fashion and lifestyle and these bloggers have just the perfect mix!

1. Maya Gypsy  – @maya_gypsy – 65.9K followers

Maya Gypsy

STYLE: Feminine, free and flowy

INFLUENCE: Heavily influenced from the first dress she ever bought from Byron Bay, Spell, which made her feel like herself – free and confident.

PART TIME/FULL TIME: Recently became full time. Maya was originally working as an online business selling bags and as she didn’t want to pay for a model, she had to get in front of the camera herself! And it all evolved from there.

CANNOT SURVIVE WITHOUT: Lightroom – loves how powerful it is! It can really transform an image from good to WOW


2. Alyce Cowell – @alycealyce – 17.7K followers

Alyce Cowell

STYLE: Constantly changes depending on her mood, but always a touch of tomboy. Alyce is often found stealing items from her boyfriend’s wardrobe.

INFLUENCE:  She’s always had her own personal sense of style, but her move to Melbourne definitely influenced her.

PART TIME/FULL TIME: It’s a bit of both for Alyce. She runs a creative agency, BOSSY where she’s a freelance writer and stylist. She’s managed to turn both of these into a full-timejob!

CANNOT SURVIVE WITHOUT:  VSCO to use the same filter on all her pictures make sure they flow


3. Jennifer Chong – @jennifer__chong – 19.9k followers

Jennifer Chong

STYLE: Varies depending on her mood, comfort is a must but also loves to dress up

INFLUENCE:  Her peers on Instagram!

PART TIME/FULL TIME: Part time. Jennifer is 9-5 office-gal by day and blogger by night, which is exhausting at times but also very rewarding.

CANNOT SURVIVE WITHOUT: Adobe Lightroom to shoot RAW images


4. Connie Cao – @connieandluna – 77.1k followers

Connie Cao

STYLE: Comfy, flowy pieces with a touch of boho

INFLUENCE:  She loves discovering small local brands, especially those which are eco-friendly and ethically produced

PART TIME/FULL TIME: Full time along with her online store (

CANNOT SURVIVE WITHOUT: Snapseed – great for editing on the go, packed with easy to use features


5. Tegan Seymour – @teegly – 18.1k followers

Tegan Seymour

STYLE: Classic – she loves sticking to a solid base outfit and styles up from there

INFLUENCE: Jessica Alizzi (@jessalizz) and Dita Sherlock (@sherlockdiary) as their aesthetic is on trend but also incredibly timeless

PART TIME/FULL TIME: Part time at the moment, hoping to change into full time within the future. She started with her blog Permanent Procrastination and then turned to sharing her outfits on Instagram and it took off from there!

CANNOT SURVIVE WITHOUT: Lightroom- Quick Tip: The curves tool is a lifesaver as you can lighten and darken different parts of your photo