Hush’s Travel Essentials

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29 Jun Hush’s Travel Essentials

With everyone making travel plans at this time of year, here are some of our must-have travel staples to make you the ultimate traveller. From skincare to accessories we have got you covered.

1. The Travel Wallet
The perfect accessory to hold your passport and boarding pass, as well as anything else you need. The Daily Edited passport wallet keeps everything in place with a classic monogram logo.



2. The Headphones
These stylish headphones by Harman Kardon and earphones by Frends are essential for surviving the long hours on the plane, by listening to music and watching movies in style. No more crying babies on the plane for you!


3. Beauty and Skincare Travel Bag
After being on the plane for an extended amount of time, skin can become dehydrated. It is essential to maintain your skincare routine by bringing along your skincare necessities such as a moisturiser and a face-mask to ensure you are glowing upon arrival.


4. Camera + Travel Suitcase
Last but not least, a camera to capture all the amazing moments throughout your trip; and a spacious suitcase to carry all your travel items.


By Kayla and Phoebe (HUSH Interns)