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20 Jun Kardashian Beauty

Here at HUSH we understand that the perfect hairstyle can compliment any fashion trend. With the cold Sydney weather season approaching, we’ve put together a must have list to ensure your hair is your ultimate beauty trend.

Everyone knows that the Kardashian’s are the epitome of all things glamour and now you too can bring an essence of luxury and sophistication to your look with the new Kardashian Beauty Hair Care line. These products are amazing to keep your hair looking stylish all day long.

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First start with the Black Seed Oil Rejuvenating Shampoo and Conditioner. Your hair will never feel as soft and silky after using these products, and are perfect to protect your hair from the cold winter weather as they contain special Antioxidants, which protect against environmental stressors.
Both Shampoo and Conditioner Retail at $24.99 each
Next, apply the Black Seed Oil Liquid Hydration Masque to the ends of your hair – this product works wonders if you have dry or brittle hair! Once applied, the masque fills the hair with nutrients and moisture that restores shine and smoothness, whilst adding some volume.
The Black Seed Oil Liquid Hydration Masque Retails at $24.99
If your hair just cannot stand the cold, dry weather then this next product is what you have been waiting for. The Leave-in Mist helps to smooth the hair, manage frizz control, and has thermal protecting agents that will keep your hair perfect all day long.
The Leave-in Mist Retails at $24.99
The last product we recommend is for you girls who just can’t seem to tame your hair no matter what you do! The Intensive Repair Treatment is the must have beauty product of the season as it adds moisture to the hair at the roots, it protects hair against environmental stressors, it strengthens and fortifies, as well as repairing damage which is perfect if you use your straighteners too much!
The Intensive Repair Treatment Retails at $31.99
The Kardashian Beauty Hair Care products are the must have beauty product of the season. Not only will it make your hair the best it’s ever been, but also these hair care products will make sure your hair looks amazing even against the cold Sydney weather.

By Ekala (Intern)