Australia’s Celebrity Trainer Luke Istomin is the co-founder of the wildly successful F45 Training studios Australia’s fastest growing licensed fitness chain. With over 35 sold within a year and nearly 30 studios open right now; his systems have been implemented in these amazing facilities.  Visit LIFE (Luke Istomin Fitness Experience)  for Luke’s newest venture launching next month!

Luke’s celebrity clientele includes Hugh Jackman (transforming Hugh for Wolverine), Leonardo DiCaprio, Nicole Kidman, Ricky Martin, Joel Madden, Nicole Ritchie, Nicole Trunfio, Tobey Macguire to name a few. Luke shares with Hush some of his top tips for getting into shape for summer!

As Bruce Lee said – Simplicity is the key to brilliance. This definitely applies to our training and my tips.

  1. STAY HYDRATED – with our bodies being made up of around 75% water, it’s critical that we fuel it with what it consists of, not sugary soft drinks!

Good hydration enables:

  • Mental alertness (improves ability to concentrate)
  • Improved digestion (reduces constipation and improves nutrient distribution)
  • Soft skin (lessens wrinkles and bags)
  • Weight loss (helps satisfy feelings of hunger)
  • Relief of pain (dehydration makes one more susceptible to pain)
  • Improved athletic performance (dehydration causes lethargy)
  • Reduced susceptibility to kidney stones (kidneys function properly)
  • A stronger immune system (toxins are flushed out)

Research has also shown a link between hydration and the reduction of cardiovascular disease and the risk of various cancers (breast, colon and bladder).

  1. EAT REAL, COLOURFUL FOODS – See the plate of cereal, pasta or bread in front you? What’s the colour of all those things?  White or beige brown. There are zero nutrients or life in this type of processed food, and with your body craving nutrients from real, raw foods, you need to understand that not having colour in your diet has been directly linked to acne, bloat, cancer, auto immune disease, attention and behaviour disorders and the list goes on.


  1. GET A MINUMUM OF 7 HOURS SLEEP PER NIGHT – And make sure it’s a solid, deep sleep. Now that you’re training for summer, you will be pushing that little bit harder during each session. Sleep regulates your hormones, releases the growth hormone after a few hours and most importantly, repairs any inflamed tissues from the rigours of exercise.  Tip; make your bedroom your own little ‘bat cave’.  Make it as dark as possible and if needed, wear a eye mask and earplugs to block out any external noise, (your partners snoring included!)


  1. FIND YOUR MOTIVATION – What exactly is your motivating factor to get into shape?  There is absolutely no right or wrong answer here; it’s whatever works for you!  Some have a specific occasion in mind, (a wedding, party or holiday) and some have a purpose (coming back from injury, wanting to lose some kg’s after pregnancy). It doesn’t matter, just make sure you know your primary force is, and write it down to remind yourself every single day. During these first few months, it can be easier to lay in bed when that alarm goes off than jump out and head to your session.


  1. FIND A TRAINING BUDDY – working out with a like-minded friend or colleague not only makes you accountable to somebody else now, but it also forges new friendships, and even makes you work harder (hopefully!) to push yourselves a little further each session.  Make sure you both are aware of what you’re trying to achieve and push each other.  It could be to run 5km without stopping or to be able to do 20 push-ups continually after 2 months.  Having a workout buddy gets you there that much quicker!  This is why I created the F45 Training studios. They are now all throughout the country. You can go and have a brilliant non-intimidating, but kick ass workout with some great people and have awesome fun doing it!


  1. LEARN ONE NEW MEAL PER WEEK TO COOK AND PREPARE  – By knowing what exactly goes into your mouth, you start to take a little more pride and care in your meals. Plus you save a heap by not eating out all the time.  And you don’t need to spend hours per day in the kitchen. I cook only 2 -3 times per week, but I cook my food in bulk and have about 5-8 meals in the fridge to last me about 2-3 days.   Even the difference in using some different spices on some chicken or fish can seemingly make it an entirely different meal experience!


  1. BUY A NEW WORKOUT WARDROBE – Just having one piece of new workout clothing makes you want to wear it and rock it hard!  Studies show that the psychological benefits of wearing some colour in your wardrobe switches on the ‘happy’ signals in your brain and even those around you!