New Years Resolution Post


Why do we make resolutions on New Years? The answer is simple: a new year brings on an inspiration for change – it brings us enough hope to believe the new you is better than the old. However, with statistics showing that only 8% of people achieved their resolutions in 2016, why is it that each year we all continue to make these resolutions? This is what authors of American Psychologist describe as ‘false hope syndrome.’ The chance of actually achieving every one is an unrealistic expectation due to time frames, abilities and consequences not being properly considered. With this in mind, here are a few tips for resolutions in order to ensure your goals are attainable for the New Year…

  1. Only make a few resolutions – 4 maximum. You have a greater chance of ensuring the achievement of your resolutions when you have more time and energy to focus on a small number of goals.
  2. Do not make the same resolution twice. This resolution was not achieved last year, so what makes this year different?
  3. Be specific. Don’t let your resolution be as broad as “lose weight.” You need to be as precise as possible, with something more like “lose 7kg by the 22nd of May.”
  4. Start small. If you set a goal that is too ambitious, you are most likely to see yourself fail. For example, rather than trying to go to the gym every day, start by setting a goal of 3 times a week minimum – you want to gradually ease into your resolution so it doesn’t feel impossible to maintain.
  5. To stay focused, write your resolutions down somewhere you will see it everyday – your whiteboard, mood board, diary, walls!
  6. Don’t expect your habits to change on the 1st of January – you’re still the same person as you were on the 31st of December.
  7. Envision your resolution as a series of steps – breaking down a goal allows you to be more time based. Don’t just focus on the final destination.
  8. Get yourself an accountability buddy – if you find there are days where you have lost the motivation to push yourself, this is where your buddy comes in. They can be there to ensure you really do push yourself, or they can be working alongside you to achieve the same resolutions!
  9. If you get off track you can always assess your plan and make adjustments. There is less chance of disappointment and frustration if you learn to be flexible with how you go about achieving your resolution. So expect obstacles!
  10. Reward yourself when you make small changes!