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06 Oct #PFW16

Paris Fashion Week 2016

Another year of Paris Fashion Week has gone by and yet the standard of fashion from iconic designers has taken off on an awe-inspiring level. And there’s no denying that each designer had something entirely different to show from the next.

Elie Saab bought it back to the seventies with style that emanates fun and flowy. He does so through a mix of fabrics constructed into both short and long cut dresses, but what is most is impressive is how he created dresses that were free-spirited, fun and the colour black.





Elie gave black a place in the world of spring fashion and made it fun.

Chanel’s, Karl Lagerfeld decided to take fashion to the futuristic with a collection devoted entirely to technology. If there’s anyone that can turn a runway show into a giant technical data centre filled with wires, cables and black data, it’s going to be him right?

Lagerfeld has his models strut the “Chanel data centre” in fluorescent colours inspired by the 80’s and 90’s. Each model rocks the look with side ponytails and backward caps. Again he produces a striking show, blending the theme of technology with the 80’s and 90’s vibe he was going for and creating a collection that is summery yet versatile!

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