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We are already mid August and looking to spring with anticipation of sunshine, transeasonal dressing and new items. I hate to use the word ‘trend’, so I won’t, but what I will say is that it is quite evident if you have been flicking through any of the fashion bibles of late what has been happening on the streets of Europe. I say Europe because we are coming off of their Spring/Summer season and “Hello, inspiration!” Thanks to the wonderful and kooky Couture Fashion Week attendees we were given a treat; fashion to drool over.

The Fashion Elite have cleverly styled bold colour with classic tailored cuts in neutral base colours of black, white and blue denim. Gone are the days of changing outfits from day to night, why would you when you can style rich coloured metallic capes, shirts and dresses with your basics?

Luxurious velvet pieces exude elegance and superiority, but the frayed ‘Mom Jeans’ tell a different story; it’s a classic case of the high end looks mixed with the low end, thrift shop threads. As a whole now we seem to finally be harnessing the fluid shapes and styles of blouses, shirts and dresses, hallelujah! No more body cons.

If it wasn’t small enough already, you may have noticed jewel (fake of course, or are they?) encrusted handbags, with embellished ‘Victorian era-esque’ brooches as detail. The bags are small enough to fit just the necessities, lipstick, mobile, keys, but are large-in-life, street-cool and style.

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