The Positives of Autumn and Winter

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30 Mar The Positives of Autumn and Winter

Now that it’s Autumn, the days may be shorter and the air a little crisp, but there are still positives:


  1. A new wardrobe: Yes, we all love our sundresses and floral prints, but how many times can you wear the same outfit? Bring on the knits, scarves and those booties you’ve been waiting to wear!
  2. Cheaper trips: With the Summer season over, those escalated prices are disappearing. Now is the time to jet off to the destination you’ve been dreaming of or explore another part of Australia you can’t afford in Summer.
  3. Change is good: Beautiful, summer days are amazing, but the heat and sun can be damaging to our complexion. Now is the perfect time to sight see and enjoy outdoor activities and walks without the extreme temperatures.