Valentines Day – It’s not just about the Underwear!


13 Feb Valentines Day – It’s not just about the Underwear!

The Valentine’s Day debate continues as one of those tenacious topics that everyone, either male or female, has a staunch view on.

Some historians believe the holiday is loosely tied to Lupercalia, a Roman festival that was held between February 13 and 15. During the festivities, women lined up for men to slap them with the hides of freshly skinned animals in an attempt to ensure their fertility. How romantic!!!

Though the origins of Valentine’s Day are debatable, many centuries later we know the celebration as something far sweeter. Women, who used to be at the receiving end of some strange rituals, now benefit from soft teddy bears, red roses and of course chocolates. It is for this reason, in more recent years, Valentine’s Day has been know as a more commercial “Hallmark holiday”. We put the Valentine’s Day debate to the ultimate test at Hush Communications and asked the team to share how the day made them feel. Interestingly, the responses were all varied. In fact, the very question itself sparked a frenzied discussion either for or against the celebration fuelled with much emotion.


G.G. –


“I personally love Valentine’s Day (sorry!)My boyfriend each year tells me he will take care of Valentine’s Day. He surprises me with flowers at work and organises a night out. I think we should celebrate Valentine’s Day, spoil each other, let our hair down for the night and enjoy the special occasion. Plus it’s an excuse to have extra champagne and dessert”.



Kelsey –

“I think loving or hating it usually depends on if you’re in a relationship or not”.


Debbie –

“I think it’s a great idea for the following reasons:

1. It gives real romantics are chance to publicly strutt their stuff and seriously unromantic types a nudge to do something romantic at least once a year.  Often they are so inspired by the positive reaction this generosity or romantic gesture ingenders that it spurs on a more romantic gesture for no particular reason which is a good thing. Let’s make love not war.

2. It is also great for the economy. Businesses such as jewellery stores, florists, lingerie boutiques and restaurants depend on it to give their businesses a boost. Let’s bring on those sales and boost the economy”.


Melissa –

“Undecided on Valentines Day. Never been the biggest fan of cheesy, lovey-dovey gestures although still love a nice dinner date and a bunch of flowers – so, PRO Valentine’s Day if its not over-the top”.


Lisa –

“Love it when in love and hate it when not”.


Zoë –

“Even if Valentine’s Day has become more commercial in recent years I still think it is a great excuse to relish and spoil your loved ones. Why not, life is too short, isn’t it?”