Who we are

About HUSH

HUSH is an energetic, full-service boutique public relations company specialising in beauty, fashion and lifestyle.

HUSH was born 16 years ago amid a long-distance London-to-Sydney phone-call between co-founders Lisa Poulos and Debbie Coffey. Lisa was on the homeward stretch of a European trip with her young family. When she returned, this dynamic duo combined their extensive experience in print media with their powerful insight into the promotion of brands and fashioned an agency with a uniquely fresh approach to PR. The rest is history…

It’s been an eventful 16 years. We’ve had our highs and lows, upturns and downturns, GFCs (two, but who’s counting), grey hairs and so many great memories and successes. Through it all we’ve maintained our focus — giving our clients the ‘insider’ edge. We bring passion and perspective to everything we do.

We respect our past while always looking toward the future. We make connections and create awareness. At HUSH, our aim is your success.

lisa poulos

We are your eyes, your ears and your voice in the marketplace. We have 15 years’ experience at the cutting edge of PR and communications.