Why Is Den

24 Feb Why Is Den

Traditional denim jeans were never here to stay. They were stiff, rough, hardwearing and made for the working man – definitely not suitable for Sunday brunch with your girlfriends. Thanks to technology and a woman’s love (and need) for stretchy pants, the classic denim jean was reinvented. And thank goodness for that. Could you imagine your wardrobe without your indigo, powder blue, black, white, coloured, waxed, faded, ripped, studded, high-waisted, low-waisted, skinny, bootcut, flared, boyfriend jeans? Neither could I. They’re my go-to and with a colour and style for almost every occasion, why wouldn’t they be? James Dean caused a stir when he casually slipped his thumb through the belt loop of his denim jeans in Rebel Without A Cause. They instantly because the teenage cult fashion must-have and the rest is history. Styles and colours will come and go but just as long as the 80s acid wash denim remains in the 80s, D-ID Jeans casual denim will always be effortlessly cool.