Why it’s all about the Thigh High


25 Jun Why it’s all about the Thigh High

1211 13If you want to know what your go-to fashion item should be this winter, all you need to remember are these three words: Thigh High Boots.
With celebs Gigi Hadid, Kourtney Kardashian, and Rhianna rocking this trend, you too can keep up with this trend for any occasion in these colder months.

To show you how you can transform your look for different occasions with a pair of Thigh Highs’, we have put together a guide of all of fashion goddess Gigi Hadid’s best Thigh High moments.



Everyday Casual

For an everyday/casual look, team up your thigh highs with a pair of denim jeans and warm jumper. Wearing the thigh highs with this outfit will turn your ordinary plain getup into a stylish and sophisticated look.

Note: wearing a lighter colour boot like Gigi will brighten up your look and is perfect if you’re wearing a lot of darker coloured clothing items.

Cold Winter Days

On those days when getting out of bed seems impossible because you might freeze to death, teaming a pair of thigh highs with a winter coat not only will keep you warm, but this combination looks amazing together. We recommend styling your thigh highs with a long biker coat that comes just above the top of the boots. This look is also perfect for work if you team the outfit with a pencil skirt and blouse.
Note: keep in mind when putting together this look that the darker the coat colour, the darker the colour of the boots should be

Ultimate Glam

If you have an import event to attend, why not rock a pair of thigh highs? Wearing a mini dress allows you to show a tiny bit of skin without exposing too much, making this look edgy yet sophisticated.

By Ekala (HUSH Intern)