Why you should pick up surfing this summer!

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30 Nov Why you should pick up surfing this summer!

As summer approaches, we have all been working on our summer bodies (or at least thinking about it), purchasing our summer bikini’s, prepping our pre-summer tans and musing on the windswept and salty summer posts we find on our social media screens. As the heat waves roll in, it’s time to ditch Internet surfing this summer and take up the real thing!

Surfing makes athletes out of self-professed couch potatoes, gives revitalizing energy to the body and mind, challenges your abilities and is proven to enhance mental health and productivity.

There are many health benefits to surfing; cardiovascular fitness, shoulder and back strength from paddling, core strength from balancing on the board & gives the legs a work while riding the wave. It’s a vitamin D packed alternative to the gym; a major muscle workout that’ll leave you with more energy than you started out with.

Celebrities like Cameron Diaz, Vanessa Hudgens & the Hemsworth brothers choose surfing over the gym – and its easy to see why!


Here’s some tips to get you started:

#1 Make sure you have the right board. To start out you’ll need a long board with the right amount of buoyancy so you can stand up

#2 Get a surfing buddy! Surfing is a great challenge, you’ll need someone to spur you on whilst learning so go on and start dating a surfer or pull your friends into it

#3 Get the right attire. Invest into a surf suit or rash shirt to protect your skin from board rash and the sun. Just because your surfing doesn’t mean you can’t be on-trend. Check out these surf-suite designs from www.moontide.com


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