Winter workout blues


15 Jun Winter workout blues

33Baby its cold outside! Winter is finally upon us and even though we are super excited to pull out our favourite coats and winter boots, finding the motivation to pull on the gym gear can hard. We know all too well how snuggly and warm it is in bed when that pesky alarm goes off and how easily tempted we are to slide on our favourite slippers at the end of a busy day, especially when it’s on the chilly side outside. But what about all the hard work you put in the warmer months? You can’t stop now! So here are our 3 winter workout ideas to keep the motivation up in the colder months:

Head down to your local indoor pool where water temperatures average a
28 degrees.

Stay indoors and try something new. There are plenty of indoor sports around including squash, netball, futsal and even rock climbing. So grab a friend and give something new ago, all whilst avoiding the harsh winter elements.


Still struggling to make it brave the cold before or after work? Try a midday workout in your lunch break. It’s been proven that short but intense workouts are hugely effective. You can get all the benefits you need in just a 20 minute session, start to finish, performed two or three times per week.

By Lydia (HUSH Intern)