What do men think of how women dress? For the most part, not a lot. When it comes to women’s fashion, men hide in the shadows of opinion. Think of a phrase more terrifying to a man than, “So how do I look?”. You can’t. It’s a territory few men would dare to explore, but let’s go on a journey and try to answer that question: Women’s fashion, but from a man’s perspective.

Imagine having a bulletproof vest. Now take that bulletproof vest and make it look really fancy. Styled applique across the front, solid gold trimming and iridescent pleating. The designer had made this vest looking so good, he also had to take out the armour plates, rendering this thing completely incapable of stopping a bullet. For most men out there, this is their perspective on women’s fashion. Why butter yourself up for a pair of skinny jeans that just won’t suit your body type?

We all have our flaws, but the most important thing to remember is that we also all have our own beauty and amazing features. What Hollywood portrays is not necessarily what society should strive for, but for most men, dressing to your body and being confident in what you wear and how you wear it, is leaps and bounds ahead of any new fashion trend.

The misconception that a woman has to ‘flaunt it’ to attract attention has long gone, along with the belief that the earth is flat, or if you eat too many bread crusts your hair will go curly. Men look towards a simpler, more elegant fashion, which accentuates a woman’s features, rather than hiding them away (or putting them all out for show).


Tight vs. Baggy (uncomfortable vs. comfortable)

There exists a cultural shift to greater emphasise certain physical characteristics of women. Typically, you won’t find a girl searching through her friend’s wardrobe for that perfect sloppy joe or tracksuit pants.

Women’s fashion promotes confidence, and how you dress, in turn, affects how you feel. After all, if you’re going to spend your own hard-earned money on a garment, at least feel comfortable and confident in it.

There is a certain ‘sex appeal’ to the women who ‘own’ what they’re wearing. The girls who wear a certain outfit because they don’t care how they look to others, but feel comfortable and confident in themselves.


Please bring a jacket next time.

Why do girls always dress so inappropriately to night out? Those tight dresses and short sleeve crop tops that wouldn’t keep a polar bear warm. You know what I mean. Those eighteen year old girls who have been out clubbing all night in a low-cut tee shirt and short skirt, meanwhile the boys are wearing jeans and two jackets.

Offering a jacket to a girl may be one of the most chivalrous gestures in the gentleman’s handbook, but comes at the price of the man himself being cold. Obviously, a man has had that ‘I could offer her my jacket, but then I’d be cold’ conversation in his head for the last 10 minutes, but eventually succumbs to his gentleman values and offers it out to his female companion. When you go out next time, bring an extra layer.


The Wrap Up

One of the truly greatest pleasures of women’s fashion is its ability to allow women to express and enjoy themselves, and for men, nothing is more satisfying. The girls who can dress to their body types, flaunt their personalities and feel confident in what they’re wearing shines through to men.


Men are simple beings. They don’t think below the surface, and they will never be able to tell you what to wear.