23 Feb Chartreuse


Chartreuse, an exclusive French liquor meticulously crafted by Monks using a blend of over 160 herbs within the confines of a monastery, holds a scarcity that rivals that of gold itself. With a limited annual production, the brand sought to further cultivate its devoted following while igniting curiosity among Australian spirits enthusiasts. However, mindful of the brand’s restrained essence and the importance of preserving its precious stock, our campaign aimed to delicately convey its narrative without overwhelming the audience.

Our Approach

HUSH created and executed a 360 degree consumer and trade partnership campaign that aligned with the brand’s core values of craftsmanship, uniqueness, and taste. Leveraging the brand’s rich cultural heritage, we collaborated with Sydney’s esteemed culinary destination, Restaurant Huberts, renowned for its authentic French cuisine, fine wines, and captivating ambiance.

Bringing the Brand to Life

Together with the Huberts team, we orchestrated an immersive project that captivated media, influencers, consumers and trade professionals alike. Through a series of meticulously curated events, Chartreuse took centre stage, permeating every aspect of the experience. Taking over the naming rights of their Magnums and Movies nights, Chartreuse became synonymous with sophistication and exclusivity, seamlessly interwoven into all marketing collateral.

Crafting Exquisite Moments

Hubert’s head mixologist crafted bespoke cocktails, each a testament to the brand’s exquisite flavor profile, earning a permanent place on the venue’s esteemed menu. Guests were able to buy tickets to the event series and seats were reserved for media and influencers who continued to promote the event. The integrated approach left an impression on drinks, thought leaders and industries, starting and resparking their love for the product and their story.


● Liquid on lips – 200 across event series, 3k across happy hour
● PR reach – 4M
● Marketing support – EDM, website, restaurant socials – 5M reach
● Magazine support – Content created in Swill House Magazine
● Venue product listing on the Happy Hour menu