EMU Travels the World

18 Feb EMU Travels the World

HUSH created a global social media campaign highlighting the tagline “EMU Travels the World” in order to show the world that EMU is Australian and is sold worldwide.

HUSH drew a map of all of the markets where EMU Australia is stocked and created a fake travel route which would later become the posting schedule of EMU Australia’s international content, to give the impression that EMU was traveling around the world.

We managed and produced a content shoot with Elyse Knowles in Sydney where the campaign kicked off, and at the Great Ocean Road where the campaign concluded (the home of EMU Australia).

HUSH managed the global campaign and engaged bloggers from around the world by giving them a pair of the EMU Australia boots. They were then asked to take a photo at an iconic landmark in their city that could be easily recognised. This content was sent to HUSH and we then scheduled the content to be posted across the timeline that reflected the “EMU Travels’ journey around the world.


● EMU Australia was overwhelmed with the participation of their customers around the world.
● In some cases, customers purchased new shoes and posted weekly for a chance to win.
● Increase in social following on Instagram of 4223.
● New engagement grew by 28,521.
● Campaign research was 117,940.

Emu Australia