HUSH Celebrates Its 18th Year Of Business

14 Jan HUSH Celebrates Its 18th Year Of Business

See words from HUSH Director ‘LISA POULOS’ on HUSH Communications 18th anniversary as lifestyle communications agency.

This month marks my 18th anniversary in business. It’s amazing how time flies…

In 2001 my first son was five and my second son was two. I was on a one year sabbatical with my then husband and two sons. We decided to throw in our corporate jobs and spend a year enjoying our boys and living in Europe.

Giving your mind and body a break allows you the time to create opportunities…
It has been a journey full of laughs, cries, stress, hard work and, most importantly, perseverance.
The name HUSH was the name of a restaurant I was dining at in London when Debbie Coffey called me to discuss going into business together. I said to her, “If we can call the business HUSH, I’ll do it!”

HUSH was born through humble beginnings at a tiny space in Surry Hills where our desks faced each other.
Our very first client was Esprit. I remember how enthusiastic and happy Deb and I were when we signed this first contract.

It wasn’t at all easy. I often joked that being an entrepreneur would be the best therapy you could ever ask for. LOL. It’s definitely a great way to learn your weaknesses, face your fears, overcome obstacles and test yourself to the furthest limits.

I want to take this moment to thank my staff past and present, everyone who has been supportive, kind, given advice, been a friend or simply just cared.
I’m so grateful to still enjoy coming to work every day, meeting people who inspire me and for constantly learning, something I never want to stop.

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