Life before Social Media

04 Sep Life before Social Media

… Can Anyone Remember It?

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Does anyone remember a world without social media?

It’s quite difficult to believe that less than a decade ago, we lived and worked in a very different world prior to social media. We all know social media has its benefits and definitely has its negatives. However, there’s absolutely no denying the fact that it’s here to stay.

From a business perspective, those who haven’t jumped on board are left behind. In a time where generations from young to old being are influenced by social media.

When used well, companies are able to create communities that engage with their brand or service. As that community grows, so does their business, with social media and influencers acting as a vehicle to support marketing.

What we begin to see is that it is increasingly becoming harder to ensure followers stay engaged. We are finding that the fickleness of communities is fragile, as they demand authenticity, regular communication, conversation and professional yet relatable. This level of management is costly and requires constant re-evaluation to keep up with the forever changing algorithms.

For personal use social media has so many benefits from finding and keeping in touch with friends locally and abroad. Since social media, organising events has never been easier. The list of positives is endless.

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I recently returned from a trip to some of the world’s most beautiful places and the negatives of social media became very apparent. Sitting on glamorous beaches with so much to see and enjoy, I couldn’t help but notice most people were sitting on their phones, scrolling Facebook or Instagram.

I tried really hard not to be offended, but it was hard. During my travels we met many people who we joined for dinner, more often than not they would immediately request the Wi-Fi to upload posts across their social media platforms.

What was more horrifying was watching young girls continue to take photos of themselves in bikini’s, wearing full make-up to the beach. I must have looked like a complete mess as I was not interested in make-up, taking photos of myself or posing for anyone. Jumping into the clear blue warm water’s of the Mediterranean was on the top of my things-to-do in Europe.

It seems the message of living in the now, being conscious, present and in the moment is completely lost on a lot of people.

The lack of conversation, laughter and engaging with friends around them is astounding when everyone is sitting on their phones – conversation is dead.

There is a generation that knows nothing about life without Social Media, their lives are forever dictated and controlled by the movements of the social platforms.

I’d like to think we can balance the use of social for that benefits and adds to our lives but still remember that social interaction, socialising and engaging with the human race is paramount to ourselves and the world.

Lisa Poulos.