Ocean Lovers & Volvo

22 Mar Ocean Lovers & Volvo

Volvo has made it their mission to align and partner with brands and companies who truly practice what they preach when it comes to sustainable practices. They strategically select individuals and brands that place the preservation of the environment at their core.

This year (2022) Volvo was the official partner of The Ocean Lovers Festival, hosted at Bondi Beach. This partnership enabled the brand to support true change and position themselves as real movers and shakers within the sustainable space.

Ocean Lovers Festival’s mission is to bring awareness and action for the ocean to the widest possible audience. Through a festival of Ideas, Art, Music and Actions they set out to inspire and engage the community on ocean issues and provide hope by showcasing solutions and innovation that are improving the health of the ocean.


• There were over 18,000 visitors over the weekend,
• 45 kg of rubbish was collected by beach volunteers,
• Reached in excess of 3.84 million in media and digital circulation reach, plus a news.com,
• National articles which were distributed to 14.93 million monthly users, &
• Achieved organic Instagram reach peak of over 300,000.