Proving the effect of influencer marketing


12 Jan Proving the effect of influencer marketing

These days it’s easy to become confused about what constitutes as the elusive and almost indefinable influencer marketing. Is it needed? But more than that, is it worth it? Would it work for your brand? Isn’t the world of influencers over?

Before you disregard it to the pile of ‘too hard/what the/no idea’ a recent study (2019) found that influencer marketing is now a critical, year-round component of the digital marketing mix. In fact 66% of marketers surveyed ran three or more campaigns last year and 42% now have an always-on strategy.

There’s some serious money going into this marketing stream with 17% of companies interviewed citing a marketing spend of over $1million for their brand in 2019 on influencer marketing alone. 74% of those companies spend over $50k.


It has to be said, managing influencer campaigns can be time-consuming. For that reason only 34% keep the management of their influencer campaign in-house which is where a team such as HUSH come in.


But does it work?


Even though a majority of marketers believe influencer marketing is a viable tactic, it’s still incredibly challenging to report accurately on influencer campaign ROI. You need to establish clear goals and communicate them openly to your team with set KPIs.


Having said that, these campaign stats are irrefutable:



Mrs Hinch | Goal: increase in followers | Result: grew by 69,275%

Sophie’s recommendation grew a businesses follower count from 48 to 28,000 overnight. Not long after, this increased to 33,000. Just to put this into perspective, 48 to 33,300 is an increase of 69275%.


Becky Li | Goal: sales | Result: 100 cars sold in 5 minutes

Sold 100 minis (the car) in just 5 minutes. The limited-edition model, priced at 285,000 yuan (US$45,500) and painted in a rare turquoise hue called the Caribbean Aqua, had been made available first to her followers on Becky’s Fantasy.


Chipotle | Goal: brand reach | Result: 230 million views in a month

Chipotle Mexican Grill partnered with YouTube personality David Dobrik to celebrate National Burrito Day, naming a burrito after Dobrik. Chipotle and Dobrik took to the short-form video app TikTok to promote a #ChipotleLidFlip hashtag challenge.

He challenged viewers to create TikTok videos showing off their own lid-flipping skills. The six-day campaign drew 110,000 submissions from a highly engaged audience, and the hashtag attracted more than 230 million views in a month.


As well as proven ROIs there are also some quick wins that come from influencer marketing:

  • Increased brand engagement
  • Driving traffic
  • Creation of authentic content for repurpose
  • Genuine partners
  • New brand ambassadors


Sounding good?

HUSH works with a great portfolio of influencers that get proven results:


Disaronno wears Diesel | National Campaign | 2.3 million

EMU Australia Wild Things | International Campaign | Australia Reach 900k


If you’re interested in hearing about what HUSH can do for your brand contact us at or view our latest show reel for some inspo.