Four Easy Changes to Move Toward a More Sustainable Workplace

21 Feb Four Easy Changes to Move Toward a More Sustainable Workplace

Most people are already living sustainably at home, so moving towards a more sustainable workplace doesn’t have to be complicated – here are four simple changes you can make to create a more eco-friendly workplace!

Sustainable Change #1 – Mindful printing – Do you really need to print that?

Have all workplace printers set to print double-sided – this will reduce excessive and unnecessary paper use. Think of ways to avoid printing altogether, can invitations be emailed instead? Can old paper be reused for note taking? Can reports be read online rather than printed?

Sustainable Change #2 – Recycle everything 

You’ve heard it before but its true, whenever possible you should “reduce, reuse and recycle.” Recycle or refill printer cartridges rather than throwing them straight into the bin. Recycle old computers, phones and other office equipment. Most electronics cannot simply be put into the bin. There are many non-profit organisations that have convenient options for businesses to recycle their office equipment.

Sustainable Change #3 – Say no more to plastic!

Coffee after coffee after coffee comes with responsibility. Encourage employees to invest in a reusable coffee cup, rather than using disposable cups each time they buy takeaway. If the workplace has a coffee machine opt, for biodegradable or recyclable coffee pods, such as Nespresso pods.  which can be recycled using a Nespresso satchel, and returned conveniently via Australia Post.

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Sustainable Change #4 – Workplace Kitchens

It is important to have on hand reusable containers, cups, cutlery and so on, so employees do not have to rely on single use plastics. In terms of food scraps investing in a workplace compost bin is a perfect way to reduce food waste and greenhouse emissions – who knows, it may even inspire others to start their own at home!

Making these simple changes in the workplace and promoting greater conversation on sustainable practices will encourage everyone to work towards a happier and healthier workplace, which in turn will benefit the planet.