Trinny London Launches in Australia

20 Oct Trinny London Launches in Australia

All beauty enthusiasts rejoice! Cult makeup favourite Trinny London is touching down in Australia this spring, and you best believe we will be touching UP… Majorly.

Trinny London

Been living under a rock and not quite familiar with the phenomenon of Trinny London? Let me kindly acquaint you with two words that would make any ardent make-up buff squeal – Trinny Woodall. Trinny Woodall is the talented mastermind behind Trinny London – a premium beauty brand that famously utilises state-of-the-art technology to pinpoint which make-up truly suits you. Plot summary of the make-up: it could make a potato look fab. *adds entire range to cart*

We couldn’t be more excited to see the British Beauty Queen herself hit our shores this spring, where she will be exclusively launching her exciting new range. Yep, you thought Harry and Meghan’s Royal tour of Australia last year was big? Just you wait for this. Woodall is widely known as the Steve Jobs of beauty, being the original makeover guru on What Not To Wear.

The comparison might seem like a bit of a stretch, but not when we are talking about someone who has had a twenty-year career in television, and is the best selling author of 3 million books. What is arguably most impressive is that Trinny has devoted her entire career to empowering women, helping them to find their most flattering styles and make them feel as #BOSS as she is.

Trinny London -

Pretty impressive, right? That’s not all. A few years ago, Woodall decided to change up her already notable career, all while in her 50’s. Little did we know, this change would go on to create a powerhouse beauty brand that promotes women to flip the way they think about doing their make-up.

Trinny London - make up

Fast forward to 2019 and Trinny London is, unsurprisingly, slaying the make-up game. Trinny has a social audience of over 1 million across Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, propelling the brand to be an international hit. The brand has not only won several esteemed beauty awards, but has sold out in over 65 countries.

From this, it is no shock that the coveted Trinny BB cream was out of stock in the bat of an eyelid – resulting in a zero-chill 4k waiting list of Trinny tribe members desperate to get their hands on the next tube. Let’s be real, the Crown Jewels would be easier to attain at this stage.

What we are most excited about? Trinny London’s highly coveted cream-based range. This collection is 110% at the forefront of technology when it comes to beauty, giving customers the ability to personalise their products using a clever online diagnosis tool, ‘Match2Me’. The tool assesses skin, hair, and eye colour combinations to recommend a specifically tailored product, meaning our shopping experience is about to get a whole lot easier.

Make up Trinny London

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Written by Christobel Hill Smith